Thursday, October 29, 2009

About Us

So, we are two friends who want to create things. We read blogs and when we saw the "Bits of My Weekend" feature at For Me, For You we were inspired. We got even more excited when we saw the blog called Just Me and My Dad. Both of these sites share the theme of weekly postings. We like this because it means not too much work! We like the weekly theme idea at Just Me and My Dad because this way we can both interpret the theme they way we'd like.

Our overall intention is to post weekly about one theme. We're hoping to experiment with photography, and go into maybe sketches or something. We don't know! We'll see how it goes.


She isn't with me right now, so I will write about her. She is my best friend and she's really creative and funny. She speaks German, and lets me speak pretend German at her. We laugh all the time.


The only thing I actually know how to do is graphic design, but I'm testing out photography, and I hope to end up in industrial design. So I do a lot of things.

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