Thursday, January 14, 2010


, originally uploaded by coolhandluke.

I've recently been really inspired by a certain kind of photography: gritty and real and untouched unless it's for lighting and vignetting. Luke Byrne pretty much documents a lifestyle and makes it look like there's nothing to it. It looks so carefree and genuine, not touched up in a way to make its subjects look luscious, shiny, and perfect. I didn't know how to post more than one picture from him so I had to go through and pick one. This one is so gorgeous with the light in the center and the man walking through the water. It reminds me of clouds. 
To see more click here.

Another is Todd Richardson, who has a uniform processing style and applies it to every photo so all of his pictures have a similar look. 

He shared with one of my favorite blogs, kitsunenoir, how he edits his photos. 
"I do all of my post-processing in Photoshop. I try to apply the same treatment – or variations thereof – to all of my photos. Some of these treatments originated from a Photoshop action I came across a while back. Over time, and from much trial and error, I was able to develop a post-processing regimen that provides the effect I’ve always wanted for my work – a kind of warm, vintage Polaroid look. I like soft tones and low saturation – nothing too loud.
Specifically, my post-processing routine consists of adding a fill layer (magenta), sepia de-saturation, and a vignette affect (depending on the photograph). Saturation and contrast are also adjusted. This is all pretty standard in digital manipulation. You might notice that a few of my photographs look slightly washed-out in the center; this effect is achieved through a center fill light.
I apply the same treatment to all of my work for consistency. I want my work to have a particular aesthetic. I find it distracting when a photographer employs several dissimilar effects across their portfolio, and distraction can sabotage some really great work. Ultimately, a photograph is only as good as its composition. I want the compositions to be the focus."
I am definitely going to be a copycat and try that out soon.
See more of Todd Richardson's work here.
(found via kitsunenoir)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


H ello. It is a rainy Saturday morning after a rainy Friday night and I feel like not studying for my Physics final. I would much rather drink winter drinks and wear winter sweatpants and watch Elf and other winter movies.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

just saying

1.5 weeks until

NAHS Calender - Sahana

I am a member of my school's National Art Honor Society (So is Anna), and we're making a calender. The theme was worldwide love, hope, etcetera. I completely forgot about the deadline so I made these the night before but I think they turned out not so bad.

To make this, I drew the heart pattern and scanned it, and I did the rest using photoshop.

This was all on photoshop. It's really simple so I don't know if it'll get selected for the calender.

P.S. we definitely are failures considering the lack of weekly themes

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Book Covers

I feel kind of pathetic admitting this, but I never read ugly books (unless an English teacher forces me to.) Just saying, if all of the books we read in school had gorgeous covers, I'd probably be much more willing to subject myself to Hardy and Shakespeare. This site is making me want to READ a lot.

Seriously, every one of those covers makes me want to know more about the book, which is probably the point of the collaboration between
The Book Cover Archive and Amazon.
Maybe for the holidays I will buy people random books just because I like the covers. That will be funny.
Sahana the sucka without a facebook

Monday, November 30, 2009


I have requested that Anna change my facebook password until my SAT on Saturday, so I have found another way to waste time. Here is a small list (that I will add to of people) that inspire me to do things.
In order:
joevw of
kate miss of

P.S. If you're looking for music to listen to, download this

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving to THE GROUND! - sahana

It is Thanksgiving and I am very full. Here are a few pictures I took of Anna before she left to her mother town, Portland, Oregon.

I attempted to make a super cool video out of the edited pictures. They are not super cool but I will admit they are kind of cool.

Bulletproof from Sahana Kumar on Vimeo.

Osaka Loop Line from Sahana Kumar on Vimeo.